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The better way to secure and simplify your IoT infrastructure.

With the atPlatform, there is no need for firewalls, static IPs, or VPNs. Really!

The atPlatform is built on the atProtocol, a new open network protocol, together with a robust set of tools and open source SDKs that makes building end-to-end encryption data exchange easy, and can:

Enhanced security
Faster implementation times

Cost Savings (Operating and Capital Expenses)

Improved latency

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Features of the atPlatform

No Attack Surfaces

The atProtocol works with no open ports on the device which eliminates any attack surfaces open to the bad guys–the device is basically invisible.

No Static IPs

With no need for static IPs, device configuration and administration is easy, and more importantly, secure.

No Firewalls

Fire-what? No need for the several layers of firewall configurations, and fighting with the IT staff to open the ones you want to get the business done.

No Snooping

End-to-end Encryption by default, and with the keys cut at the sender and the receiver on the edge, there is no ability for a bad actor to snoop the data, even if they somehow got access to it because it is encrypted with keys they can never get access to.

No VPNs or Passwords

Eliminates the need for traditional and expensive VPN software currently used across most IoT setups. Also, say goodbye to passwords and password managers.

No to High Security Budgets

You can spend money now on impactful projects vs. spending on security. Security is made robust, and at the same time, simplified.

The Versatility of the atPlatform

Applications of the atPlatform go far beyond IoT. With its ability to secure systems, protect people’s privacy in compliance with privacy laws and save businesses time and money, the technology is impacting a variety of sectors, including:

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Shipping
  • Transportation
  • Consumer apps
  • And more
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